One Such Guy…

Starring – Guy 1, Guy 2, Guy 3, Girl 1, Girl 2.

Guy 2: Man she is drunk.

Guy 1: Yeah pick her. Take her to the room.

(Both smiled)

(Entered the room carrying the girl)

Guy 3: What you are doing?

Guy 2: She is drunk. She is hot man.

Guy 1: She won’t remember.

Guy 3: You know what bastards. You dare not touch her, ok?

(Guy 3 took her away from them.)

Guy 1: Man think! This is just a grea….

(Guy 3 left)

(Next morning)

Girl 1: Whatever happened yesterday. I do not remember much. But she told me you helped me to my room and put me safely here. Thanks.

Girl 2: Thanks man. You are one such guy, different from others.


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