Something (Wanted to Share)

Woah reached 70 followers in the blink of an eye. Thanks to everyone.

I just wanted to share something. I know I can’t keep it long. Though, just SOMETHING. I never got this much appreciated. I don’t know, either people hated my content or something they didn’t like. But I kept struggling. Guess what, no one ever saw, haha.

After 3 years of blogging, suddenly, I wonder what happened, people ARE noticing me now. Thanks to everyone.

So I just thought, why not do something to grow with people like me who never got noticed or think they need some more attention. Even though I can’t guarantee that this will last long, cause happiness has always been very temporary to me.

You all can now get featured on my blog. I know I am not big enough to do this, but I would love reading your poetry or article. E-mail me your article or poetry and I promise to upload ALL of your stuffs without any bound.


  1.  Provide me essential tags.
  2. Link to your blog.
  3. Featured image.
  4. No explicit content (they will not be published)
  5. Do not spam.

My email-



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