The Story (Pilot)

Greg Johnson was panting. He was going to face it after five years. His fingers trembled and hands shook. He didn’t open his eyes, savouring the silence and hiding himself from the multitude.

“Five years since,” a manly voice echoed in the auditorium.

Greg felt a flush of dizziness through his spine. Faded echoes reached his ear. He heard only one voice, it was her. Her songs, acapellas. Her sweetness and warmth. Her arms and her tears. All he could feel. And missed.

All because she was now gone. No more to grab her hand or cry or smile or smirk. She was gone with all her beauty and happiness of his life.

“Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, Greg Johnson.”

The multitude was silent. The man on the mic turned back and found him nowhere….

(This is just an excerpt of a new story I am thinking to write here. If my followers loved it and want me to write it then please comment.)


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