Internet Junk : A Concept Analysis and A Shocking Truth.

Hi, so recently I was wondering this a lot. And I don’t know why I never found any solution on internet, not even a bit of  information. No answer in the yahoo answers and hence I jotted it down here. I am completely unknown to this fact and do not know if anyone thought the same or if anyone worked on it, if they did, I need information. I found some real shocking truth on searching a bit. So keep patience and read through the article and think about it a bit.

Internet Junk : What is it?

So I don’t know if I named it properly or shall I name it something else? Just similar to this one, there might be a LOT more such articles which were published before. And it is also possible that some still remain even if their owners have died or have discontinued. Similarly there might be more such domains which are left unused or not sold. Obvious that they consume some space on internet. And cumulatively terabytes of information are there, useless and owner less. Hence, they are what I call, the internet junk.

hyperlink Problems and Effects

There might be uncountable problems related to the same. Such as:

  1. Information Pollution. Check out on wiki and you shall be surprised.
  2. On a cumulative study there might be huge bags of data which can be re-utilized.
  3. Pollution DUE to internet. Internet releases 300 million tonnes of CO2 per year as provided by the guardian.

Probable solution

If this is a real problem then what can be the probable solution? According to me RECYCLING can be the only probable way. What I mean is, we can rather reduce data usage.february-24-recycle-logo Remove our unwanted email accounts that we have. Or that extra facebook account we made to prank on our friends.

And eventually, remove the old unwanted information and data that we have and recycle that space for further usage.

Is That Even Legal? 

Is that even legal to remove information from internet? Those of your old memories that you uploaded but never checked in a thousand years? Or we can compress old data.

So, what do YOU think. Does it shock you? Do you think it is legal? Or this article is just unknowingly plagiarized? Let me know in the comment box below. Tried something different.

Stay Safe and Be Happy.


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